Ariel Valedictorian

Ariel Baer (L) with another JECS alum, Abby Marrs

Ariel Baer, JE Alum, graduated in 2013 from Colorado Christian University as valedictorian of her graduating class. We are very  proud of her accomplishments, and we are excited to see God’s plans continue to unfold for her in the years to come.

Upon graduating, Ariel says,

“I’m very excited to be done with school and ready to jump into publishing my novels. I wrote my first one during my years at JECS, and I’ve continued to write through college. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my friends and teachers from high school, so thank you all.”


lisa carper

Lisa celebrating after graduating!


2010 JE Graduate, Lisa Bixler Carper, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oral Roberts University in 2014.

We are very excited for Lisa and her academic accomplishments.  It was fun seeing her marry another JE alum, Alec Carper, in 2014 as well.

Best wishes to you both!



je alum 3

Pitrone sisters, Rachel and Angela….both JE alumni