Parent Testimonials

Testimonials from our parents….

“We have had children at Jim Elliot School since 2006, and so we have enjoyed being a part of the community for long enough to say that this school possesses a je parents 2quality you may find in a small town: you are known, you make a difference, and you have a place. My daughters going on to college have had a smooth transition and didn’t struggle academically for want of a larger school; they also have found many people from the school, including staff, to be available and hugely helpful as friends and mentors later on. This school is so good, in so many ways….that has been our experience.” Kay

“My son was struggling academically and socially when he arrived at Jim Elliot at the beginning of his 7th grade year. He was also caught in the middle of an unpleasant divorce (putting it mildly) during his freshman year; his teachers, the staff, and his peers were a constant source of support for him and frequently kept me informed of his demeanor at the school. He will be graduating this year with a choice of academic scholarships – more importantly, he knows who he is, what he believes, and what he stands for. It has been a pleasure to watch my little boy grow into the young man that I’ve always hoped he would be; I feel comfortable letting go as he enters a world that is frequently unkind and unpredictable. Jim Elliot Christian School has delivered academic excellence, real-world preparation, a sense of community, and a family that will last far beyond the end of our senior year.”

je parents“We enrolled our son at Jim Elliot Christian School as a High School freshman, a member of the 2014 graduating class. We had hoped for a small and welcoming community where he had the opportunity to establish close relationships with both students and faculty. A small class size, organized activities like service days, and chapel have created that among his classmates, and a fantastic group of teachers (with an established mentoring program in place) has accomplished the latter. We are so grateful for this school/community. What a blessing it has been for our family. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for more than academics–we found real-world preparation.”

“We have been associated with Jim Elliot Christian School for six years now. We je familieshave had two of our kids in the school in the past and currently have two kids enrolled in the school full-time. We love the school and especially the teachers. We love the small class size and the one-on-one relationship our kids have with the teachers. The school has a missions focus, yet the academics are outstanding and on par with any large public school. We love how the Juniors and Seniors mentor the younger kids, and the fact that there are no cliques. New kids quickly feel welcome. We are amazed at how well the Jim Elliot kids can speak maturely and with confidence to adults, which is not often seen with kids that attend large public schools. We intend to see our kids graduate from Jim Elliot and will continue to support the school in the future.”

“Jim Elliot Christian is a little-known treasure in Denver, and has been just what our family was looking for in a school. We found genuine teachers, the kind that keep in touch long after graduation,and a good education without forgetting the deeper things that serve our kids in later years: understanding oneself, understanding God and understanding other people. This community has been empowering and constructive in the lives of our entire family. More families need to know about this school! ”

“The faculty and staff at Jim Elliot are amazing. They truly care about my child, and my child’s success academically and spiritually. They model lives that love and serve The Lord. “