Student Stories

Middle school testimonies…

IMG_0854 (1)“Mr Embry, our principal, is amazing: He wants to get to know you personally, not just boss you around.” Lilly

“I remember that on my first day of 6th grade I had no one to talk to, but just as I sat down 2 high school students came and sat with me!  I thought it was so cool that the high school students would take out of their time to talk to 6/7th graders.” Samuel

“It’s like the school is one big family.  The teachers here are like parents but way cooler!” Lillie


“My favorite part is that you don’t have to think, “should I pray before I eat or not?”  We can pray without feeling weird in fact we can be weird!  We can just break out dancing and no one will judge your or what you do!” Alexa

“I like JECS because it has a small community.  I love the small classes and how you know everyone’s name. Mr. Embry is a great principal!” Anna

“I like JECS because my family trusts them.  I also like it because of the sports and that we have big sisters when you play volleyball.” Jacki

“I like that the school starts at 8:30 instead of 8:00 or 7:45 am. I like the teachers and the administrator. I also like the christian curriculum!” Michael

“I believe God has had his hand over this school and still does and always will.  The teachers have been blessed by the creator with wisdom and humor and the kids with great personalities.” Ryan

High School testimonies

“JE has changed my life in tremendous ways: The teachers invest so much into every student here and really do impact every life they touch!” Audrey

“JE has a homey, family feeling with every person being so caring and supportive JE-3along with the teachers. I couldn’t have asked to be at a better high school.” Taylor

“The teachers here enjoy teaching and mentoring the students and they know how to make learning enjoyable.” Kati

“The sports program is amazing! On the cheer squad we act as if the whole team grew up together, I feel like I have 8 more sisters than I had before.” Lydia

“This school has impacted my life and faith and I do not believe I would be who I am in my walk with God if JE had never came into my life.  The teachers actually care about the student’s education AND their faith.” Ethan

“JE has changed my faith, it went from a 1 to a 7 while I have been at JE.” Peyton

“I have really learned how to build strong, healthy relationships, not only with the students and families but also with the teachers.  I really admire how they all strive to have good relationships with all of the students.” Lindy

“JE has made an impact in my life in so many ways, one is how it has given me so much more self confidence.  The community at JE makes you feel comfortable and free to express yourself and that has helped me to be who I really am.  The teachers have helped me to value myself more than I did when I came here.” Courtney

“This school has made me work harder and think better in the way I do things or act.” Olga

2“Since coming to JE I have come to the realization that we really do have unique teaching/learning styles, athletic programs, and amazing opportunities to study the arts.  Besides all of that I have noticed a personal change in my life and I have become a better person.” Taryn

“The difference I believe between teachers at JE and teachers at other places is here they don’t just say “I want you to succeed”, they actually help you succeed.  They also play a huge role in our lives as our mentors.” Landrey

“I love the sports program here and how the sports at JE work hard and have great coaches!” Lauren

“JE teachers are here for their students, whether a student needs help with their learning or with something in their lives, the teachers are here for them.” Elise

“I have learned to work hard at JE, the teachers and my friends push me to do better.” Aaron

“The relationships with my friends, team members, and teachers have been my saving grace many times.  I can honestly say that I love this school and am grateful for all it has done for me.” Mary

“JE is a school that provides a biblical environment for the students while trying to teach them to be in the world but not of it.” Zackphoto (1)

“JE has helped me learn to manage my time and I enjoy it a lot!  I am a part time student attending the MWF option here and am homeschooled the other two days.  I believe this is exactly where God wants me to be right now.” Jessica

“The characteristic that sets JE apart from other schools is the community, the teachers and staff here at JE are more than willing to go above and beyond when investing in a student’s education.” Marissa

“This school has helped me to learn to open up and be myself, and it has helped me to grow tremendously in my relationship with God. They take time to invest in our lives and help us to be more prepared in our life and spiritual journey.” Connor