Beth Naylor


IMG_3096-2Mrs. Beth Naylor

Teacher – Anatomy 6/7/8, Language Arts 6/7, Language Arts 8, Worship Dance 8/9, Dance 6/7

7 years at JECS
Colorado Teacher’s License
Highly Qualified Teacher: English: Secondary (6-12)
Masters level, continuing education courses (9 credit hours), 2006-2010, Adams State College
Masters level, continuing education courses (15 credit hours), 1995-2006, Colorado Christian College
Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science with emphasis in special education

Beth and Mark have four children. Two have graduated from Jim Elliot, and two are students here now. Beth became a teacher because she is fascinated by the way children learn. What works for one student doesn’t work for another, and she enjoys finding a way that works for each student. Her prayer for our students is that they would understand that the emotions of today are temporary, and that God knows the big picture. She is not a Facebook fan because she feels electronic communication can be so easily misunderstood. A time Beth got in trouble when she was a teen was when she crashed into the back of a friend’s car and then had to take a defensive driver class. When Beth is not at Jim Elliot she enjoys reading, sewing, watching movies, getting together with friends, teaching children’s church, and worship dance at her church. Something that would surprise people about Beth is that she is afraid of any type of rodent and has a hard time being around gerbils and hamsters. Her favorite Bible verse is “See the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” Matthew 5:33.