JECS Varsity and Junior Varsity Girls’ Volleyball

Coaches: Jon Moore and Leah Stokes

The fact that players don’t need any prior experience in order to participate in our program offers great opportunities for growth both in the area of athletics as well as character development. While we always strive for competitive greatness (and using the building blocks from John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success”), we also recognize the value of basic skills and take the time to teach them.

In 2012, our Varsity girls made it to the Regional competition for the first time since 1999. We were incredibly proud of the work that the girls had put in in order to make it that far, and we were even more proud of the grace and sportsmanship they demonstrated at the competition.

We see team sports as an opportunity to teach the players more about Christian values and life skills. The challenges presented on the court help players develop the skills they need to overcome challenges off the court. Our players get to learn such skills as teamwork, industriousness, patience, and more. While we do expect the players to improve in their volleyball skills, we feel that it is more important that they grow in their character and their love of God.

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