Christian Formation

Students studying

We seek to be a Christian School leader rather than a public school follower.
Jim Elliot Christian School is not a typical private school with extra Bible classes and Christian jargon. Our philosophy emphasizes both academics and the formation of Christian disciples.  Our desire is to equip each student to be in mission with God, with “a passion for God and His work in the world.”

We seek to ground our students in the truth of Christ and the redemptive work of the Gospel.
We seek truth wherever it is to be found while subjecting all claims to Jesus Christ and His Word. We seek to view the world through the eyes of Christ to see where He is calling us to be His disciples.

We seek to form students as disciples of Christ ready to join God in mission.
It is not enough to be just a Christian School.  Youth of today are walking away from the Christian faith in greater numbers than ever before.  Here at Jim Elliot, God has established a secure place for kids to learn academically and to discover who they are in Christ with confidence and authenticity.  This security  and assurance does not come from isolating them from the world, but by providing the tools for them to navigate their culture.