Mr. Bogner’s senior class listening intently to his explanation (humor intended).

Mentoring is a key component of the JECS community.  Each student picks a mentor from our staff. This  student-driven relationship contributes to the success of this program. Our staff is available to our students every morning for 25 minutes prior to the start of the first period class.  This time can be utilized by students for an individual meeting with their mentor, or it can be used for homework/study assistance.  The students and their mentors meet together for lunches, prayer time, or just hanging out, both during specified mentor periods and outside of school.


Mr. Utesch sharing lunch with 2 middle school students.

Mentoring Testimonials:

“My mentors at Jim Elliot made a huge impact on my life. They deeply influenced  my relationship with Christ, my knowledge of God, and my understanding of who the Creator designed me to be. I kept in touch with several of my mentor teachers throughout college and continue to do so years after graduating. In 2008 I came to teach at Jim Elliot, and it has been an amazing experience to be able to take the example that was shown to me and become a mentor to the current generation of students.” – Lauren Warren (Jim Elliot graduate year 2000)