Jim Elliot Christian School has closed its doors

Please see the open letter to the community at the bottom of the page for details. This website will remain open to release all pertinent information to all JE families.



The peaches are (almost) here!!  The delivery of the peaches has moved up to this Friday, 8/25/2017.  They will be delivered to Grace Chapel – south parking lot.  The peach farmers are telling us that they are guaranteeing delivery by 1:00, but please check the Jim Elliot website and or facebook for further updates as there have been times that they have delivered as early as 7 a.m.!

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Kim at kim.smith@jimelliot.org and I will continue to check my emails throughout the day!




All transcripts for graduated seniors will be permanently housed at ACSI. For students that attended JECS anytime during the last five years, copies of transcripts will also be housed at ACSI. All students from this last year should have received copies of your student’s transcripts in the mail over the summer. If you are in need of a transcript in the next 30 days, please send a request to admissions@jimelliot.org


Jim Elliot Families,                                                                                            July 20, 2017


It is with sad and heavy hearts that we are announcing the closing of Jim Elliot Christian School. We have fought very hard over the last 5 months to eliminate the debt, create enrollment and find a location to relocate our school. God took care of the debt and location, but the enrollment has continued to be the problem. We are saddened that we have families that truly want and are committed to the values that Jim Elliot Christian School believes in, but we cannot offer at this time. Many families and staff have stated that they feel God is not finished with JECS. God can do anything! If a revival is at hand, it will be awesome to see God raise it, but He will have to do it.

We leave our families, staff, teachers and alumni all in God’s wonderful hands, for He always has our best planned. Although we are sad, we are hopeful for the future and to see what we all can learn from this difficult journey. It will be easy to do the autopsy on the reasons for closing or place blame, but we encourage you to resist that urge. Instead we want to encourage you to look for the ways He will use the closing of JECS to grow your walk with Him. Surrender, obedience and faith have been just some of the lessons we are clear He has been working on in us, and we are sure in the months to come we will see many others.

We need to thank every one of the teachers, staff, administrators and board members that have been a part of JECS, for their service to every student that has passed through our purple door (some were not actually purple, but you get the point). These students were the reason JECS was created in the first place. We need to also thank every parent and all of the families that have supported JECS over the last 25 years. Lastly, please thank the Lord for allowing us to be a part of Christian education. We live in a free country that allows us to worship freely and we will continue to do so. The Lord blessed us richly over the last 25 years and we cannot thank Him enough for that.

Students past and present, we have been so blessed by each one of you! Please go forward, not with sadness, but knowing that YOU have impacted so many by your example of Jesus to others. Please let your light for Jesus shine brightly throughout the world.


We love you all and are so thankful that we had this time with you.


P.S. The board and staff are taking a week to process the closing, regroup and organize the sale of the remaining JE possessions. We will send out notifications of the next steps and ask for your help in one last push to get everything sold.