Kendal Unruh

IMG_3171-2Mrs. Kendal Unruh

Teacher – Government

2 years at JECS as a teacher, many years as a parent
Kendal teaches “American Government from a Christian Perspective” to JE juniors. A parent of a grad from JE, she brings her prior teaching history skills and passion for government to JE.

She brings real life discussions into her classroom as she has been an activist “community organizer” since 1986. She is the only person in the state of Colorado to have been elected to the last seven National conventions to nominate the presidential candidates.

Her lofty goals are to balance the budget, pay off the $18 trillion national debt, overturn Roe Vs Wade and remind students of America’s exceptionalism.

Kendal’s hobbies include doing art, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, and mountaineering. She leads annual mission teams that trek in Tibet, giving eye exams and distributing solar powered radios at 15-20,000 feet in altitude.

A favorite quote of Kendal’s “Remember, God is STILL on the throne AND prayer changes things!”